Ontdek de Oplossing voor uitgezakte oorlellen en oorbellen die scheef hangen

Discover the Solution for sagging earlobes and earrings that hang crooked

Problem: Drooping Earlobes Over Time Have you noticed that your earrings seem to hang less nicely over time? The influence of gravity on your earlobes can cause your favorite earrings...
July 25, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
De Schitterende Symboliek van Bergkristal in Sieraden

The Brilliant Symbolism of Rock Crystal in Jewellery

In the world of jewelry, there are countless gemstones that have inspired admiration and enchantment for centuries. One of the most fascinating and versatile gemstones is rock crystal. With its...
July 17, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
Hoe zorg je voor het onderhoud van verguld sterling zilveren sieraden en wat is het verschil tussen verguld sterling zilver en gold filled sieraden?

How do you care for gold-plated sterling silver jewelry and what is the difference between gold-plated sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry?

As a jewelry enthusiast and seller of sterling silver jewelry and gold plated sterling silver jewelry, I recently realized that sometimes I take certain knowledge for granted and don't always...
July 03, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
Groene Amethist: Een Unieke Transformatie van Paars naar Groen

Green Amethyst: A Unique Transformation from Purple to Green

Green amethyst? Amethyst is purple, right? That's right. But this one is green! 😆. Knowing more? Then read on. What is Green Amethyst? Discover Prasiolite! Green amethyst, also known as...
June 27, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
Hoe sterling zilveren sieraden te onderhouden en oppoetsen met een zilverpoetsdoek

How to maintain and polish sterling silver jewelry with a silver polishing cloth

Do you want to enjoy your beautiful sterling silver jewelry for as long as possible? Then it is important to maintain and polish them properly. Fortunately, there is a simple...
June 14, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
Oorbeldopjes, oorbel stopper, achterkantjes

Prevent the loss of earrings: Tips and solutions

Have you ever lost an earring and felt the frustration? It happens to all of us sometimes. Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this problem and keep your earrings...
June 13, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
handgemaakte oorbellen aventurijn

Discover the Power of Complementary Colors in Your Jewelry: A Guide

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I love to combine colors from the same color range. But... if you want to stand out, make your...
June 12, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
Ontdek de Betovering van Maansteen Sieraden: Vier de Magie van Juni in Stijl!

Discover the Enchantment of Moonstone Jewellery: Celebrate the Magic of June in Style!

Looking for enchanting birthstone jewelry with June's birthstone ? Be inspired by the extraordinary beauty of moonstone! Moonstone jewelry is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also carries a profound symbolic...
May 30, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
welke kleur sieraden staan bij mij?

This is how you choose the right gemstone for your skin tone

Have you ever wondered why one pair of gemstone earrings looked great on your girlfriend, but didn't stand out at all on you? You may have already discovered that it...
May 26, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
bruiiloft sieradern, trouw sieraden

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Is your girlfriend getting married? Then you've probably heard of the beautiful usage: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. But what does this actually stand for? They are...
May 22, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
Ontdek de Spanning van Black Friday bij Jewels with Flair!

Discover the Excitement of Black Friday at Jewels with Flair!

The holidays are approaching and at Jewels with Flair we are in a festive mood! This year we want to bring you something special for Black Friday, and we can...
April 20, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer
Handgemaakte oorbellen met bloemen

Mothers Day. An original gift. Well, what then?

An original gift for Mother's Day Do you remember how you used to spend weeks preparing at school? A clay jar, a bracelet made of wooden beads, a jigsaw letter...
April 02, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer