I'm Erlinde Kramer, jewelry designer and owner of webshop Jewels with Flair. I design jewelry that perfectly meets the wishes of the customer by delivering custom work.

In addition, customers can also have jewelry designed based on a sent photo with a certain outfit that the jewelry should fit, or by telephone consultation in which the customer can express her wishes.

In addition to my large collection of earrings, you will also see matching jewelry in the collection. The emphasis remains on the earrings and from there I design jewelry that supports the earrings.

Ultimately, I would like a studio with a showroom. So that you as a customer can visit yourself, pick out gemstones and I design a jewelry set on the spot.

That is how Jewels with Flair was born
I founded Jewels with Flair in August 2012. As a teenager I took my high school exams in drawing and art history and I was always inspired by fashion. I thought I could lose myself as a teacher at a primary school, but that turned out not to be the case. Drawing and crafting with children is really something else. I always had to control myself not to take over the entire job from the child… So when I was walking on a market during Queen's Day and saw someone selling beautiful orange earrings, I thought… 'I want that too!'.

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Jewels with Flair

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From Amsterdam primary school teacher to successful entrepreneur

July 2019

Now that teachers in education are hopefully enjoying their long holiday, former primary school teacher Erlinde Kramer is hard at work. It has now been a year since she said goodbye to primary education and went after her dream.

Erlind Kramer

Another teacher less…
Erlinde has enjoyed working in education for 13 years. Three years at various primary schools in Heerhugowaard and then almost 10 years in the Baarsjes in Amsterdam. She was having a great time, but when the workload became increasingly higher and she was unable to use her creativity sufficiently, she decided to take a different course.

When she started teaching 13 years ago, things were very different from now. Although she did hear from her colleagues who had been working in education for some time that a lot had already changed. Anyway, Erlinde went to school with great pleasure and also had a real weekend in her weekend. But at a certain point there were group plans, action plans, appropriate education... From one evaluation to another... At first Erlinde found it interesting and she immersed herself in this new matter.

No Havo? Where did it go wrong?
In addition, the trend among many parents changed. Many parents wanted their child to at least attend Havo. If it turned out that this was not possible, the question arose: where did it go wrong? "Wrong?" thought Erlinde. Nothing went wrong. Your child is doing her very best. Your child receives lessons that perfectly match their development and is continuously monitored by the teacher, remedial teachers, internal supervisors and the management. Your child is doing fine.

Turn the helm
Erlinde had been making jewelry for some time and she had now set up her own webshop Jewels with Flair . It had never been her intention to leave teaching, but she increasingly enjoyed being creative, the positive reactions from customers and the design process of her Mails with Flair.
Then when she went back to school and was immersed in all the (administrative) work, the ma

ate full. The rudder had to turn. In July 2018, she resigned from teaching and started working full-time with her jewelery line Jewels with Flair.

A thriving webshop: Jewels with Flair custom earrings
Erlinde now looks back on a successful year. The concept of Jewels with Flair is catching on. Erlinde designs jewellery, mainly earrings , that perfectly match the wishes of the customer by delivering custom work. Her turnover grew immediately when she started working full-time on the shop, so that she could immediately pay herself a full salary. She can now use her creativity, has more time for her family and is rid of the high work pressure.

Respect to all teachers
Erlinde has been able to take her eldest son to school herself for a year now. When she walks through the corridors at her son's school, she sometimes feels homesick. Nostalgia for the time when she was just in education. But above all she has respect, a lot of respect for the teachers who give her son a nice day every day. And she secretly hopes that one day the Cito tests will be kept to a minimum and that the children will be allowed to be children again.

Note to the editor.
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