A connecting stone

lapis lazuli

friendship - connection


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Bracelet lapis lazuli
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Fine necklace with faceted lapis lazuli and freshwater pearl
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Ornate earrings lapis lazuli
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Fine necklace with moon and lapis lazuli
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Handmade jewelry with gemstone lapis lazuli

Discover the enchanting world of gemstone lapis lazuli jewelry , designed by the talented Dutch jewelry designer Erlinde Kramer. This deep blue stone is not only visually stunning, but also has profound symbolism. Lapis lazuli is a symbol of friendship and connection, which gives wearing or gifting a piece of jewelery with this stone an extra special meaning.

The gemstone lapis lazuli

What makes lapis lazuli so unique is that in addition to the deep blue, it also contains white parts and gold 'flakes'.

How is this possible?

This intriguing interplay of colors arises because lapis lazuli consists of different minerals, namely calcite, pyrite and sodalite. Each mineral contributes to a different color in the stone. The blue is formed by lazurite and sodalite, the white by calcite, and the gold by pyrite.

  • Blue: lazurite and sodalite
  • White: calcite
  • Gold: pyrite

Lapis lazuli stones are often colored with many white parts to make the deep blue color shine even more, since most people appreciate the beauty of lapis lazuli.

The symbolic meaning of lapis lazuli in jewelry

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, jewelry with lapis lazuli also has a deeper meaning. The gemstone symbolizes friendship and connection, so wearing a piece of jewelry with lapis lazuli can be a subtle reminder of the value of these relationships in our lives. Whether you wear a piece of jewelry with this gemstone to pamper yourself or to give it as a gift to a loved one, the symbolism of lapis lazuli adds an extra dimension to the beauty of the piece of jewelry.

The handmade jewelry collection from Jewels with Flair

Discover the unique collection of handmade jewelry with gemstone lapis lazuli, designed by the Dutch jewelry designer Erlinde Kramer. Each piece is infused with craftsmanship and love for the gemstone, giving you a valuable and meaningful piece of jewelry that is both an eye-catcher and a symbol of connection and friendship. Be enchanted by the beautiful world of lapis lazuli and wear a piece of Dutch creativity and craftsmanship with pride.


1. How is it possible that lapis lazuli also has white parts?

Lapis lazuli consists of calcite (the white part of the stone), pyrite (the gold in the stone) and sodalite & lazurite (the blue in the stone. This means that each stone looks slightly different.

2. How does lapis lazuli work?

Lapis lazuli symbolizes friendship and connection. This makes a piece of jewelery with gemstone lapis lazuli extra special to wear or give as a gift.