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Fine necklace with ruby pendant
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silvergold filled
Minimalist bracelet ruby
From 34,95
sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silvergold filled
Necklace with ruby pendant - July birthstone
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silvergold filled
Stylish earrings ruby and garnet
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silver
Handmade earrings with ruby and garnet
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silver
Birthstone bracelet | Compose yourself!
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silvergold filled

Discover Jewelry with the July Birthstone: Ruby - Symbol of luck & protection

Welcome to Jewels with Flair, where we take you on an enchanting journey through our collection of jewelry featuring July's birthstone: Ruby . This beautiful gemstone represents more than just beauty; it symbolizes creativity and passion. Jewelry designer and owner Erlinde Kramer creates each of these unique pieces with love and passion, wrapped in silver wire or gold filled wire.

The Meaning of Ruby

Ruby, with its intense redness, carries profound symbolism:

1. Passion and Love : Ruby symbolizes passion, love and romance because of its deep red color.

2. Strength and Energy: The red of the ruby ​​represents strength and vitality, which can energize the wearer.

3. Courage and Protection: Rubies are often seen as stones that provide courage and protection against negative influences.

In short, rubies embody passion, power and love, and are often cherished as symbols of vitality and protection.

Handmade by Erlinde Kramer

Each piece of jewelry in our collection is made with care and attention by Erlinde Kramer, a talented jewelry designer with a keen eye for detail. Her creations reflect not only the beauty of Robijn, but also the meaning and symbolism associated with it. At Jewels with Flair we are committed to delivering quality and craftsmanship in every piece we create.

Silver Wire or Gold Filled Wire

At Jewels with Flair you can choose between jewelry wrapped in silver wire or gold filled wire, depending on your preference and style. Both materials ensure durable and beautiful jewelry that perfectly expresses the meaning of Robijn.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I customize a piece of jewelry with Ruby to my specific wishes?
Certainly! Contact us for information about customization options. We are happy to help you create the perfect piece of jewelry.

2. What is the spiritual meaning of Ruby?
Ruby is often seen as a stone that promotes energy and vitality, and can help open the heart chakra.

3. Is Robijn suitable for every occasion?
Absolute. Robijn adds a touch of passion and creativity to both everyday and special moments.

Discover the meaning and beauty of Ruby in our jewelry collection at Jewels with Flair. Order today and carry the symbolism of creativity and passion with pride, or give a loved one a precious gift.

Although there is no scientific evidence for the powers of gemstones, many people still experience benefits from wearing them. It is important to note that Jewels with Flair is not liable for any claims regarding the effects of gemstones.