Gems. The symbolism and where they come from.

Hardness gemstones in jewelry

Do you also love gemstones in jewelry? I love using them in my handmade jewelry . Of course because of the beautiful colors, but also because of the beautiful symbolism that gemstones have. For example, gemstone aventurine is a real lucky charm and that is why I like to use the stone as a gift. Did you know that gemstones also all have their own hardness? In this video I explain more about this.

Below I have collected brief information for you so that you know what the different gemstones that are used in my handmade jewelry stand for. Gemstones are also assigned certain powers. You will also find them below. This healing effect and powers have never been scientifically proven, but can be of great value. To be sure that the stones in my jewelery are genuine, they are randomly tested in the Naturalis laboratory. Knowing more? Read it in my blog: 'How do you know my gemstones are real?'

Agate (fire agate)

Agate in jewelry is said to have a positive effect on the immune system

Location: India, Czech Republic, Morocco, Iceland, Brazil, USA

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Amazonite is a beautiful stone in light blue / green. This stone is often worn in jewelry because the stone stands for harmony and peace, among other things.

Location: eg USA, Madagascar


A bracelet with amethyst symbolizes peace and relaxation with worries. Nice to wear yourself or give someone a gift to let them know you're thinking of her.

Location: USA, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, India, Myanmar, Japan, China, Korea, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Congo, Australia, Russia


Apatite stand for independence and ambition. The stone helps with public speaking. Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn can feel stronger with apatite energy.

Symbolism: ambition / independence


Aventurine in jewelry in a very popular stone. Logical because the stone is known, among other things, as a true lucky charm and would also have a calming effect :).

Location: Russia, China, Brazil, India, Madagascar

Chalcedony (blue)

Chalcedony has a soft blue color. This color indicates the strong effect of 'moon power'. Water is connected to emotions and that is why this stone symbolizes stabilizing and calming emotions. This will improve self-confidence.

Are you taking on a new challenge or does your girlfriend have a new job? With a handmade jewel of gemstone chalcedony you give her just that little bit of support. In addition, the stone stimulates receptivity and the ability to listen. Also a fine stone if you need to speak in public.

Location: Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, India, USA, Great Britain

Chalcedony (green)

Green chalcedony is a variety of the blue chalcedony and is also called chrysoprase. Chrysoprase symbolizes self-acceptance, trust and positivity. In addition to these beautiful features, it is also a beautiful stone to see, for example in this mint green handmade bracelet .


Citrine in handmade jewelry stands for self-confidence, warmth and joie de vivre. In addition, citrine is the birthstone of the month of November. An ideal stone to give someone on her birthday or as a helping hand.


Hydro quartz is not a true gemstone . Nevertheless, I have included hydro quartz in this list because it is often thought that it is a gemstone and it is likely that you ended up on this page.

Hydro quartz is made with great care and attention. According to a precise process so that the end result very closely approaches the looks of real gemstones. Real gemstones do not all have the exact same shape and size. This is also the case with hydroquartz. The stones look beautiful, as if they were hand cut. The processing of hydro quartz is expensive and that is reflected in this beautiful imitation stone.

So if you were looking for the 'looks' of an expensive gemstone, hydroquarts are a perfect alternative to the much more expensive real gemstones.


Symbolism: positive effect on the circulatory system

Location: hematite is found worldwide


Labradorite symbolizes strength and perseverance and is also said to have a protective effect. labradorite is a very popular stone in jewelry because of the blue-green glow that the stone has in certain light.

Location: Labrador Island, Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, USA and Finland

lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a symbol of inner peace, wisdom and peace, among other things. Thanks to the beautiful dark blue color a frequently seen stone in handmade jewelry .

Location: Afghanistan, Chile, Central Asia, China


Moonstone is the stone of women and represents a positive effect on intuition, fertility and love.

Moonstone is the birthstone of the month of June .

Location: Brazil, USA, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India


Symbolism: relaxation during stress

Location: Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Uruguay, USA and Pakistan

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz in jewelry has a grounding and protective effect.

Smoky quartz has a dark brown clear color.

rose quartz

Rose quartz is a very well-known stone in jewelery land: the stone of love! Almost everyone knows this and that is why this stone is often used in my designs, such as these earrings with rose quartz briolettes .

Location: Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Brazil, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Japan


Sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom. Sapphire is also the birthstone of September.

Location: Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Myanmar, USA

The gemstones below are highlighted, but cannot be found in the range.

Rock crystal

The Indians consider rock crystal as a sacred stone, with wisdom and knowledge being mentioned as important properties. In addition, the stone is used in gemstone therapy for a lot of physical and psychological complaints.

Symbolism: healing

Location: many places, including India, Kenya, Madagascar, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, France


* it has never been scientifically proven that gemstones actually help and actually possess these powers.

Source: ELSEVIERS GUIDE TO STONES AND MINERALS, The Healing Power of Crystals, published by the Happinez