Handgemaakte sieraden die je draagt met Kerstmis.

Special jewelry for Christmas

Of course you want something different for Christmas jewelry . A bit chic, with Flair and a neat touch. However?

If you go for a suit, I would go for sparkling jewellery, such as the earrings with Swarovski elements.

But are you going for a more striking clothing style with, for example, a golden pleated skirt like I'm wearing here in the photo? Then a classic jewelry set with pearls is also very good. That keeps things calm.

View shiny Christmas earrings here: unique and handmade. Perfect to wear during Christmas dinner!

Nice right? All those beautiful blouses with lace and fringe…

But how do you combine that? If you wear a blouse with a lot of details, I like to keep the jewelry simple. Here, for example, you see a white blouse combined with classic jewelry in green. The jewelry is made with green agate. The earrings with gemstones and the necklace do not have too many details and the earrings are beautifully elegant & stylish.

Handgemaakte sieraden in pastel kleuren

Here you will find jewelry that is tailored to the outfit. The Handmade ankle strap fits perfectly with the light blue stripe of the dress because the suede strap of the jewelry is also very light blue. The bracelet with rose quartz matches the jacket, but the pink color is also subtly reflected in the lining of the dress on the inside (see the zoomed-in photo at the ankle strap). The Maxima earrings with Swarovski pearls also have a very soft pink color that fits perfectly.

Handgemaakte bling bling sieraden

Bling bling jewelry in cherry red

Burgundy, also known as burgundy red, will be back in fashion this fall. Of course you can combine this with an outfit in the same color, but how about a contrasting color... such as the fashion color green? The bracelet , necklace and earrings are made with Swarovski Elements. The earrings are available in real silver or real gold on silver.

View all jewelry in the color burgundy / burgundy red here >>

Get inspired

Styling tips

Do you find it difficult to choose handmade jewelry to match your clothing?

Do you find it difficult to put together beautiful sets?

This is how you combine jewelry with each other and with your clothes :)

A festive style with Citrine gemstone

With the holidays approaching, citrine is an ideal choice to combine with clothing in gold tones. I have had this beautiful skirt for about 3 years, because I always opt for durability and timelessness in my wardrobe. This allows me to vary endlessly and mix and match my garments.

What I am wearing here are earrings that have been made with great care. They contain beautiful yellow Swarovski pearls, glittering citrine stones and Swarovski drops, which provide a subtle but striking shine. I'm not wearing a necklace at the moment, but if you're wearing a V-neck blouse, a matching citrine necklace would be a great addition. By the way, it is also a nice idea to create your own 'necklace party' . In the shop you can find necklaces in three different lengths: 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm. Among these necklaces, for example, the necklace with the elegant circular pendant would look beautiful. Additionally, the entire set is available in both sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, giving you the freedom to choose your favorite finish to suit your style.

Citrine Jewelry , with its warm golden hue, not only adds a touch of glamor to your outfit, but also symbolizes positivity and abundance. It is a stone that brings energy and clarity, perfect for the holidays!

Styling tip: Royal with Flair

Maxim earrings

Maximum. A true style icon. And not just because of her beautiful smile and clothing style. Especially because of her beautiful long earrings . The 'Maxima earrings' are now a well-known concept. This term originated with the long earrings with a freshwater pearl or gemstone drop attached to it. Then the necklace was made with several beads as shown here. There are now a lot of different 'Maxima earrings' to be found. What do they all have in common anyway? They are real eye-catchers!

Tip: combine these chalcedony earrings with the matching chalcedony necklace .

Handgemaakte zilveren sieraden in bordeaux rood van Jewels with Flair.

Brown / red in jewelry

At the moment you see a lot of lace blouses with puffed sleeves. I love that. Can be nice and chic with a skirt, but if you want to keep it a little more casual, you can also combine it with nice jeans.

I combine this style of clothing here with a contrasting color of handmade jewelry . Like the earrings with red agate and beads from Swarovski Elements in siam red . The bracelets are new in the shop and have the same color siam red.

View brown / red jewelry.

Bijzondere handgemaakte sieraden voor je bruiloft

Special jewelry for your wedding

Are you looking for jewelry for a gala? Or a special occasion where you want to shine? In the shop I have created a special category with festive jewelry and wedding jewelry. Do you find it difficult to choose something that matches your dress perfectly? Send a photo of your dress; I like to think along with you! Click here .

Zo combineer je zoetwaterparel sieraden bij je kleding

Pearl jewelry

Yeeeah! I don't style my handmade jewelry with a white blouse for once ;). No. The earrings are of course white and then I go for a contrasting color: blue! Combined with a black skirt, this jewelry set with freshwater pearls stands out wonderfully.

Oh, and if you get started with styling yourself: also take a look at the structures of the fabrics. Here you see a coarse denim, a woolly cardigan with a smooth white blouse. The tights have a nice structure.

View handmade pearl jewelry

Handgemaakte statement oorbellen

Handmade statement earrings

In addition to making your favorite piece of jewelry, I also like to inspire you with regard to clothing. Rib fabric is totally hip this fall. So I couldn't resist buying one skirt – hmmm….well, it turned out to be two…;) with such a beautiful ribbed fabric. Here I combine the skirt with a contrasting sweater in terms of structure. A nice warm fluffy sweater. The earrings I chose to go with it? Not the same color this time, but something different and nice and striking. These are the resin earrings XL in black and white . What do you think of this combination? You can find more large and eye-catching earrings here.

Stylingtips met lichtblauwe sieraden van edelsteen chalcedoon

Blue handmade jewelry

Are you also such a blue lover? The main color here is classic blue with extensions to soft blue, mystical blue (towards green) and aquamarine blue. What color blue are you going for?

View blue jewelry

Handgemaakte sieraden met parels en schelpen

Handmade jewelry with pearls and shells

Everyone has a nice dress in the closet for beautiful sunny days. Combine a dress with a beautiful jewelry set. Summer dresses usually have light shades. You can combine very well with light shades. Like the handmade earrings with shells and freshwater pearls . This way you get into the summer mood :).


Lilac with a denim skirt

These beautiful 'mystical tanzanite' earrings with flowers are perfect with any jeans or denim skirt. I combine the earrings here with a slightly different tanzanite bracelet. The bracelet is in fact a smooth cut while the tanzanite of the earrings is faceted gel pen. In addition to the minimalist bracelet with tanzanite, a striking bangle . The bangle contrasts in appearance with the minimalist bracelet: they complement each other perfectly.

Statement oorbellen in grijs

Handmade statement earrings

I do like a bit of color. You will rarely see me in black. At most jeans or black denim skirt.

What I do like is to combine colorful clothing with black or dark gray jewelry.

Here you see a summer outfit with a red skirt from King Louie. Above that a cardigan, also from King Louie. Because the clothes are already very colorful in terms of colors, I keep the jewelry in one color. In this case I chose the Handmade statement earrings in gray .

Fuchsia roze sieraden. Unieke en handgemaakte sieraden van Jewels with Flair.

Fuchsia pink jewelry

Fuchsia pink in jewelry. A much requested color, but very scarce in jewelery land. Here you see crystal peony from Swarovski Elements combined with a matching shirt. This dark pink color is also reflected in the skirt.

Unfortunately, the crystal peony color from Swarovski is completely sold out. but... in the meantime I have been able to find beautiful colors of fuchsia pink chalcedony. View all Handmade jewelry in the color fuchsia pink here.

Handgemaakte sieraden in groen van swarovski Elements. Bling bling sieraden.

Handmade green jewelry

Do you always have to combine color with gray or black? Certainly not! For example, if you are wearing a green cardigan, it is also very nice to combine it with a color green that is slightly darker or lighter than the cardigan.

Here you see earrings from Swarovski Elements in Emerald green . In addition, a matching necklace with green bling bling pendant , also in emerald green.

Eye catcher: labradorite

Shine with Flair!

With this styling tip I like to put labradorite in the spotlight. Labradorite is not just a boring gray stone. It is a very special stone: depending on the light, you can see a blue / green glow over the stone with these handmade silver earrings.

This beautiful stone comes into its own very well on, for example, a white blouse as shown here in the photo. Do you like even more striking? Then go for the larger stones and ... with the flat stones (briolettes) you can see the glow even better ;).

Handgemaakte sieraden set met zwarte onyx

Handmade silver jewelry set with onyx

Handgemaakte zilveren Maxima oorbellen met edelsteen pyriet

Handmade Maxima earrings with pyrite

Zwart met wit combineren met handgemaakte sieraden

Handmade jewelry in black and white

Combining black with white. Of course always possible :). Both in autumn and winter. I like to combine gemstones with Swarovski Elements. What do you think of this combination?

Bracelet with Swarovski Elements in soft white >>

Necklace with opalite stone >>

Stud earrings with Swarovski Elements in soft white >>

Handgemaakte sieraden in rood tinten

Sexy red in jewelry

Red represents love. View all handmade red jewelry here .

Blauwe sieraden combineren bij je kleding

Combine blue jewelry with your clothes

I like the contrasts a lot. So you see here again a white blouse because then the earrings stand out so nicely ;). But the contrast is not only in the color here: I also like the contrast in the type of fabrics. So a smooth blouse with a ribbed skirt. And the blue of the earrings is also reflected in the skirt.

Why shouldn't I do a blue blouse? Then the earrings come into their own less.

This is how you combine red with black

handmade earrings

Red with black. That goes perfectly together and is therefore a combination that I like to make myself. And preferably combined with black dots. That also makes your outfit a bit more airy. Only black with red can also be very nice, but is a bit heavier. While if you combine it with, for example, a white blouse with black dots, the whole gets a somewhat lighter look. Just a little more Flair ;).

Bracelet with Swarovski Elements stone in shiny red >>

Earrings coral light and Shiny red >>

Earrings coral light >>

All jewelry in red >>


Jewelry in shades of blue

Also looking forward to everything fresh in new? Well, I do. Already scored a super nice dress and a few espadrilles. And then a little style advice is so useful. Now I just match my clothes with a pair of newly designed earrings ;). But I recently heard from a customer that she had gone looking for a new outfit to go with her new earrings. Of course that is also possible ;). What do you think of this combination?

Jewelery in soft pink

Pink jewelry

2019 – 02- 08

Romantic dinner?

Then of course you want to look your best. That's why this styling tip for a romantic look. I love red. Red matches perfectly with black. But how do you combine that? A red blazer with red earrings? Or black with red and striking details? Curious how I do that?

Styling tips

What I always like best, for example, is a black outfit with bright red details. A sexy dress is always good for a romantic look. Combine with bright red earrings , a black bracelet or necklace and a red bag as a finishing touch.

Do you have red items in your closet, such as a red blazer? Then I think it's best if you combine this with black earrings and perhaps one accessory in exactly the same color red . For both cases I say: 'Red lipstick completes your sexy look!' :).

Then I have one last styling tip that I also find very beautiful on many women: combine all types of red together in terms of clothing. This can give you a very strong look, but for a romantic look I would keep it a bit more subtle ;).


A winter with Flair, who wouldn't want that?

In winter I often find jewelry in bordeaux red / cherry red very beautiful, but what is also very nice: combine cold colors from the same color range with each other. For example, from dark gray to white . Do you like a little playful? Then go for Swarovski Elements combined with labradorite . Which match do you make?

Fashion tip winter woman jewelry

In this fashion tip you see the Statement earrings with Swarovski Elements with gray drops and the bracelet with labradorite gemstone .


Jewelery in blue

Jewelry set special

I like putting together a jewelry set best if this is done a little playfully. With this set I start from the earrings. The earrings have a small soft blue bead from Swarovski Elements next to the somewhat tougher icicles of lapis lazuli. The necklace is also made with a soft blue Swarovski Elements stone that fits well with the earrings because the color is exactly reflected in the bead of the earrings . The bracelet is not exactly the same in color as the lapis lazuli icicles, but it fits perfectly in terms of color range.


Autumn inspiration tips

Styling tips

Which colors are fashionable this fall? The 3 colors you will see the most are ocher yellow, royal blue and red. Such a nice ocher yellow cardigan, but what kind of jewelry do you wear with it? Of course, black is fine and crystal-colored accessories are also absolutely possible. Do you want to stay more in the ocher yellow / brown color range? Then these ocher earrings from Swarovski Elements drops are a good match. The drops have a golden glow. This glow is reflected in the tiger eye stone of the necklace . You will find these jewelery in the autumn collection .


This is how you combine jewelry with each other!

Jewelry set

What jewelry do you see here?

Earrings in the colors ocean pacific & chrysolite mint

Necklace with Swarovski Elements in chrysolite mint

Bracelet with Swarovski Elements in ocean pacific

Read here why we combine the jewelery in this way >>


Combination blue with crystal silver

This is how you combine colors with each other

Want to know why I combine this like this? Read my styling tips here >>


Sporty jewelry

Styling tips

Tanzanite. A beautiful gemstone in a beautiful purple color. Swarovski has included that color in its range. Et, voila, that matches perfectly with other soft pastel shades! Tanzanite. A beautiful gemstone in a beautiful purple color. Swarovski has included that color in its range. Et, voila, that matches perfectly with other soft pastel shades! Here you will find the earrings with Swarovski Elements in the color tanzanite . You can find all the products in the image here .

2018 – 02-21

Styling tips winter 2018

Brrrr, it's getting cold! Combine your light clothing with this necklace in a soft white shade . You can find all the products in the image here .


Fashion tips pink smoky quartz

Combine earrings with smoky quartz with a soft pink shade. For example, this coat in soft pink and a matching scarf. Shop the earrings with smoky quartz here. You will find all products in the image here .

2018-02-15 Fashion tip fashion yellow Ocher yellow. Hip spring 2018. How to combine? With trendy earrings with leopard print . Add a black bracelet and you're done! You will find all products in the image here .