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Retro look earrings aventurine tubes 925
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silver
Necklace aventurine tube
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silver
Flower earrings facet cut aventurine
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silver
Special earrings freshwater pearls and aventurine
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sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silver
Special earrings freshwater pearls and aventurine
From 44,95
sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silver

Jewels with Flair - Handmade Aventurine Jewelry

Welcome to Jewels with Flair, the place for handmade aventurine jewelry. Our jewelry is unique and completely handmade by Dutch jewelry designer Erlinde Kramer. She only uses high-quality materials to make the jewelry, so that you are assured of a timeless piece of jewelry that completes every outfit.

Discover our range of handmade aventurine jewellery

At Jewels with Flair you will find a wide range of beautiful aventurine jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings. These pieces are made with great love and attention to detail to ensure they stand the test of time while remaining affordable.

The collection is made up of different styles that fit perfectly with every type of woman. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or prefer something more striking, you are guaranteed to find the piece of jewelery you are looking for with us.

The benefits of handmade aventurine jewelry

Aventurine is one of the most popular gemstones in the jewelry world. It is not only beautiful, but is also associated with emotional stability, happiness, calm thinking and creative inspiration. This makes it the perfect stone for handmade jewelry that is not only fashionable but also radiates positive energy.

Handmade aventurine jewelry has many advantages. First of all, they are unique as each piece is handmade and no two are the same. This way you know that you own a special piece of jewelry that is not worn by many.

Second, because our pieces are handmade, they are made with great attention to detail. This means that Jewels with Flair's jewelery is not only beautiful, but also of high quality and durability.

Aventurine is popular

Aventurine is a popular stone that is therefore widely used in jewelry making. And that is not only due to the beautiful soft green color. Although not scientifically proven, gemstone aventurine is said to be a true good luck charm . That makes this stone nice to wear, but also to give. A beautiful handmade piece of jewelry with gemstone aventurine is therefore a nice gift to wish someone luck. Do you know a more original gift?

Effect of aventurine in jewelry

Besides the fact that aventurine would bring good luck, the stone has a number of other beautiful features:

  • aventurine has a relaxing effect

  • aventurine has a calming effect

  • aventurine reduces stress

Order your own handmade aventurine jewel now

At Jewels with Flair, we strive to satisfy our customers with beautiful and affordable jewelry that complements any outfit. Whether you're looking for something sophisticated or eye-catching, we've got just what you're looking for!

If you are looking for high-quality handmade aventurine jewelry at fair prices, then you have come to the right place at Jewels with Flair! View the collection online and order your unique piece today.


1. What is the effect of gemstone aventurine?

Aventurine has a relaxing effect, increasing happiness and reducing stress. These powers have never been scientifically proven, but this makes wearing or giving a jewel with aventurine extra special.

2. Which gemstone do I give when I want to wish someone good luck and success?

Although not scientifically proven, aventurine is said to bring happiness and relaxation, among other things. This makes a handmade jewel with gemstone aventurine an original gift to give if you want to wish someone happiness and / or success.