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Sterling silver bracelet freshwater pearls
From 39,95
sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silvergold filled
Bracelet green amethyst and freshwater pearl
From 44,95
sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silvergold filled
Bracelet faceted rose quartz and freshwater pearl
From 42,95
gold plated sterling silversterling silver - 925
Handmade Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
From 39,95
sterling silver - 925gold plated sterling silvergold filled

Handmade bracelet with pearls

Looking for a special bracelet with pearls? A pearl bracelet is timeless and elegant. It is sometimes thought that a pearl bracelet is a bit old-fashioned. But that very much depends on the type of bracelet and how you combine the bracelet with other pearl jewelry and your clothing.

Pearl bracelet of real freshwater pearls

At Jewels with Flair you will mainly find pearl bracelets made of freshwater pearls. These are all real freshwater pearls grown in freshwater. In this way, the pearl bracelets remain affordable and you still have the beauty of a real freshwater pearl bracelet. Read more about how to tell freshwater pearls are real in this blog.

Types of pearls in handmade bracelets

There are different types of pearl to design handmade bracelets with. Jewels with Flair always selects the most beautiful pearls. The types of bracelets from the jewelry collection are:

  1. Handmade bracelet with round freshwater pearls
  2. Handmade bracelet with flat bouton pearls
  3. Handmade bracelet with pearls in potato (potato) shape

You can buy handmade bracelets with pearls at Jewels with Flair

At Jewels with Flair you choose the version of your handmade bracelet with freshwater pearls: in sterling silver or in gold-plated sterling silver. Sterling silver (925) consists of 92.5% real silver. Not 100% because this is too soft to handle. Gold-plated sterling silver also has sterling silver as a base and a beautiful plating of at least 18 carat gold on top.


1. How do I maintain a handmade freshwater pearl bracelet?

Freshwater pearls are formed in water. So it probably won't surprise you that pearls stay best and retain their shine mainly if you moisten them from time to time. Be careful with other materials. Gold-plated silver, for example, absolutely does not like moisture.

2. Where can I buy beautiful handmade bracelets with freshwater pearls?

Jewels with Flair has many types of bracelets with freshwater pearls in its range. If you just can't find what you were looking for, customization is also an option. Mail with the designer Erlinde Kramer.