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Discover the Enchanting Splendor of Handmade Jewelery with White Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone from Jewels with Flair

Are you looking for unique and enchanting jewelry made with love and craftsmanship? At Jewels with Flair, the Dutch jewelry designer Erlinde Kramer, you will find a beautiful collection of handmade jewelry with white moonstone and rainbow moonstone . These special gemstones are processed in jewelry that is characterized by the traditional winding of silver wire and gold-filled wire, making each piece of jewelry a unique masterpiece.

Jewelry with white moonstone

White moonstone is known for its delicate beauty and subtle shine. The soft color palette and pearly appearance make this gemstone a perfect choice for jewelry that exudes elegance and sophistication. Each piece is handcrafted by Erlinde Kramer, with an eye for detail and precision. Wrapping silver wire around the moonstone creates a beautiful frame that accentuates the natural beauty of the stone.

Jewelry with rainbow moonstone

Rainbow moonstone, on the other hand, enchants with its colorful brilliance. The playful dance of colors, ranging from blue and green to purple and yellow, makes every piece of jewelry with rainbow moonstone a unique work of art. Erlinde Kramer uses her expertise in wrapping gold-filled wire to embrace the rainbow moonstone and let it shine. The result is a beautiful interplay of color and craft, making every piece of jewelery with rainbow moonstone an eye-catcher.

The symbolism of moonstone

The handmade jewelry with white moonstone and rainbow moonstone from Jewels with Flair is not only visually stunning, but also carries a symbolic meaning. White moonstone symbolizes intuition and feminine energy, while rainbow moonstone represents hope, love and harmony. By wearing these jewelry you not only embrace their beauty, but also the positive energy they represent.

The collection of handmade jewelry with moonstone from Jewels with Flair

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry that matches your personality and style, Jewels with Flair offers an extensive collection of handmade jewelry with white moonstone and rainbow moonstone. Whether you are looking for an elegant ring, a sophisticated pendant or an enchanting bracelet, Erlinde Kramer creates pieces that will make you shine.

Silver or gold

With the use of silver wire and gold filled wire, each piece of jewelry is wrapped by hand, giving them a distinctive character. The craftsmanship and love with which each piece is made makes these pieces of jewelry valuable and long-lasting works of art that you can wear with pride.

FAQ about Handmade Jewelry with Moonstone

  1. What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone known for its lustrous, pearly appearance. It is a mineral that occurs in a variety of colors, including white, cream, peach, and rainbow. Moonstone gets its name from its characteristic shine, which resembles the soft light of the moon.

  1. What makes handmade jewelry with moonstone so special?

Handmade jewelry with moonstone is special because it is made with love and craftsmanship. The artisanal process provides a personal touch and gives the jewelry a unique look.

  1. What are the symbolic meanings of moonstone?

Moonstone is often associated with feminine energy, intuition and emotional balance. It is considered a stone of inner growth and spiritual development. Moonstone is also associated with fertility, love and protection. Wearing moonstone can help bring balance and promote emotional calm.

  1. How can I care for my moonstone handmade jewelry?

To keep your handmade jewelry with moonstone beautiful, it is important to treat it with care. Avoid exposing the jewelry to strong impacts, chemicals and extreme heat. Gently clean the jewelery with a soft cloth and avoid using aggressive detergents. Store the jewelry in a jewelry box or bag to prevent scratches and damage.

  1. Can I give handmade jewelry with moonstone as a gift?

Yes, moonstone handmade jewelry makes perfect gifts for special occasions. They symbolize love, protection and spiritual growth, making them a meaningful gift for loved ones. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, a handmade piece of jewelry with moonstone will certainly be appreciated.

  1. Where can I find moonstone handmade jewelry?

You can find moonstone handmade jewelry at jewelry stores and online jewelry stores. Jewels with Flair is a well-known Dutch jewelry designer who offers beautiful handmade jewelry with moonstone . With them you will find a unique collection of jewelry made with love that brings the beauty of moonstone to life.