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Handmade necklace with shells and bamboo coral

Are you a real beach lover and do you go all the way for the beach look? Me too :) That's why you will find necklaces with shells in this category. Of course, a necklace with bamboo coral could not be missing from the collection.

Handmade pearl necklaces

The time when a pearl necklace was only worn by old ladies is long gone. Pearl necklaces are hip! In the shop you will find pearl necklaces in combination with gemstones and bamboo coral. In the shop you will mainly find necklaces with freshwater pearls. You will also find Swarovski pearls for a perfectly round pearl.

Baroque pearl on your necklace

A baroque pearl on your necklace gives a particularly authentic look. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped pearls, a real natural product! Do you want to match the necklace with baroque pearls with earrings? Earrings with pearls can also be found in the shop. Please note that baroque pearls are all unique in shape. A set with two exactly the same baroque pearls therefore does not exist.

Necklaces in sterling silver and gold on silver

At Jewels with Flair you will find necklace in sterling silver (925) and gold on silver, also called gold plated. The gold variant has a qualitative plating of at least 18 carat gold. On top of that is a coating for extra protection and long wearing pleasure.


1. How do I know my pearl jewelry is genuine?

Real pearls in jewelry almost never look perfectly round. You often see growth rings and color differences in a freshwater pearl. So with one pair of earrings you see differences between the two pearls.

2. What is the difference between saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls in handmade jewelry?

Saltwater pearls come from the sea. These pearls are very rare and very expensive. Freshwater pearls at Jewels with Flair are cultured pearls. The pearls are grown in a freshwater pearl basin.