How do you know my gems are real?

Gemstones. A beautiful product to work with. In addition to the fact that gemstones have a beautiful appearance, these stones are also attributed certain powers, although these have never been scientifically proven. Yet many people like to wear gemstones for their powers or for their symbolic meaning . It makes the piece of jewelry just that little bit more beautiful to wear or give. But of course that stone must be real.

Gemstone earrings

Gemstone citrine a burnt amethyst?

I have now seen quite a few stones and I can say that I have experience in recognizing real stones. I also check with the supplier where the stones come from. But with a number of stones you cannot tell with the naked eye whether they are real. Citrine also seems to be a burnt amethyst. By heating an amethyst, this stone gets the same beautiful yellow color as citrine. Citrine is also created in nature by heating amethyst; however, this happens naturally.

Flower earrings with citrine

Have gemstones examined for authenticity

That is why I have decided to have my gemstones randomly examined in the Naturalis laboratory at every new supplier. Of course I want to sell what I sell. And if you choose the stone for certain powers that the stone has, I would like it if a laboratory technician can confirm the authenticity of the gemstone.

The outcome

No sooner said than done and I have now received the report from Naturalis. And the report states that my citrine is really citrine with indications of heating. A common way to adjust the color. In addition to citrine, I also sent topaz and lapis lazuli. These stones are also real lapis lazuli and real topaz. The beautiful color of the topaz is due to heating, which the supplier also explained to me. I had strong doubts about the freshwater pearl I had sent. And my doubts were indeed confirmed by the laboratory technician.

Examining gemstones for authenticity in Naturalis

Necklace with citrine gemstone

Necklace with citrine gemstone

Freshwater pearls. How can I tell they are real?

In addition to these 3 stones, I recently also purchased a string of freshwater pearls. When I received it I immediately thought: this can't be right. So beautifully round, they must be much more expensive . And indeed, this pearl turned out to be just a painted bead!

For me, this is a confirmation of my knowledge (always nice:) and a reason not to purchase pearls or stones from this supplier. Do you want to know how to recognize real pearls? Then read my blog about the origins of freshwater pearls . Then you immediately know that very beautiful round pearls are 'priceless'.

Test your knowledge!

Below you mainly see earrings with freshwater pearls. Can you discover which pair has Swarovski pearls? (You can find the results at the bottom of this blog).

Earrings green onyx and freshwater pearls

    Do you screen all the stones you ingest?

    It is not possible to have all stones examined by the lab. This costs €55 per stone. That is why I have gemstones randomly tested for authenticity per supplier.

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    Self-test results

    Earrings number 3 are the earrings with Swarovski pearls.

    Knowing more?

    Watch the episode of the Inspection Service of Value

    February 24, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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