Green Amethyst: A Unique Transformation from Purple to Green

Green amethyst? Amethyst is purple, right? That's right. But this one is green! 😆. Knowing more? Then read on.

What is Green Amethyst? Discover Prasiolite!

Green amethyst, also known as prasiolite, is a unique variant of the well-known purple amethyst. It is a gemstone that undergoes a transformation, changing its purple color to a beautiful shade of green. Curious about the process behind this metamorphosis? You read it below!


The process of transformation

Green amethyst is created by the influence of heat and pressure, often caused in nature by volcanic activity, on a purple amethyst found in the earth. This natural process changes the structure of the amethyst and results in a remarkable color change.

handmade earrings with green amethysthandmade earrings with green amethyst

The art of creating green amethyst

In modern times, man has learned to mimic this natural process. By heating the purple amethyst in a controlled environment, such as a special oven, the color transformation to green can be achieved. The heat treatment affects the crystal structure and accelerates the oxidation of the iron present, which leads to the green color.


The result: A beautiful green amethyst

After the heat treatment, the purple amethyst is cooled and then cut and polished. The result is a green amethyst that is similar in appearance to naturally formed green amethyst. The crystal shows a beautiful green color, varying from light green to deep green, and radiates a brilliant shine.

necklace with green amethyst

Natural vs artificial

While artificially produced green amethyst may have the same aesthetic appeal as naturally formed green amethyst, it is important to note that natural gemstones are many times more precious due to their rarity and unique properties. That is why you will find jewelery with green amethyst that has been heated in the oven in the Jewels with Flair webshop. This way you wear an affordable and beautiful piece of jewelry.


The jewelry with green amethyst from Jewels with Flair

At Jewels with Flair you will find a beautiful collection of handmade jewelry with green amethyst. Green amethyst that got its color by being heated in the oven. Each piece is carefully crafted to accentuate the beauty of the stone.

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June 27, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer

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