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Thinking of Holland

Did you watch 'Thinking of Holland' last Saturday? Janny van der Heyden wore my earrings with baroque pearls! How great is that? The earrings were prominently featured for the first 20 minutes, and I am extremely proud of them! Unfortunately I can't share any footage due to copyright restrictions, but if you'd like to watch the episode you can find it here ! Oh, and it involved these beautiful earrings with baroque pearls.

Earrings baroque pearls by Janny van der Heijden in Denkend aan Holland

What are Baroque pearls?

Baroque pearls are pearls that are distinguished by their unique, irregular shapes and textures, unlike traditional round pearls. These pearls are often praised for their natural and organic appearance, and their beauty lies precisely in their whimsical imperfections. Baroque pearls can vary from oval and teardrop-shaped to asymmetrical and whimsical, giving them a fascinating and artistic character. Their diversity makes them particularly suitable for unique jewelry designs. Baroque pearls are a popular choice for people looking for a striking and idiosyncratic piece of jewelry that emphasizes the individuality of the wearer.

pearl earrings Janny van der Heijden Pearl earrings like Janny van der Heijden

About Jewels with Flair

As a designer and owner of Jewels with Flair, I create a beautiful collection of handmade jewelry with love and dedication. Each piece, made of sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver, exudes authenticity and elegance. In my studio in Alkmaar, inspired by nature and personal stories, I work on unique works of art that vary from refined to striking. My jewelry is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also carries the story of my passion and craftsmanship. It is my joy to offer customers the opportunity to express their personal style by wearing this lovingly crafted handcrafted jewelry.

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Erlinde Kramer


September 11, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer

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