Discover the Solution for sagging earlobes and earrings that hang crooked

Problem: Drooping Earlobes Over Time

Have you noticed that your earrings seem to hang less nicely over time? The influence of gravity on your earlobes can cause your favorite earrings to not show as beautifully as they used to. But rest assured, there is a solution for that!

Earrings with stud earrings

The Solution: Stud Earrings

Did you know that earrings with stud earrings offer the solution? These handy studs cover that little bit extra of your ear, making your earrings shine in full glory again.


Almost all Earrings can be Adjusted!

Best of all, almost all earrings can be adjusted to stud earrings! Do you see a pair of earrings in the shop that you would like to wear as studs? No problem! Just leave a comment with your order and it will be adjusted.

Earrings with stud earrings


Prevent Crooked Hanging Earrings with 'Anti Tilt Caps!'

Have you ever noticed that your earrings sometimes tilt a little? This can be for several reasons. It is possible that your holes have become larger over time, but it may also be simply because you like to wear heavier and larger earrings. Fortunately, there is a smart solution for this: ' anti tipping caps '! These handy caps ensure that your earrings always 'look' straight ahead, so that you keep the perfect look.

In addition to the anti-tilting caps, you will also find standard plastic earring caps in my shop. Both options are designed to ensure your earrings stay secure and comfortable without tipping.

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Give your earrings the attention they deserve with stylish stud earrings. Visit my shop and discover how easy it is to make your jewelry shine like never before.


July 25, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer

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