January garnet birthstone jewelry

Birthstone jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is jewelry that (logically) uses the birthstone of that month. But why is the birthstone of January, for example, garnet ? That stems from the birthstone calendar devised by an ancient scholar. If you want to know more about the origin of birthstones per month, read my blog about the different birthstone calendars that are in circulation.

January birthstone jewelry - garnet

January's birthstone is garnet. Garnet is a stone that stands for strength and energy, among other things. Those are nice qualities to start January off right with. Especially if you have good intentions :).

Good intentions?

Do you have good intentions and could you use some extra help? Then go for a jewel with a birthstone garnet. Especially for the month of January I put birthstone jewelry in the spotlight that is made with dragonfly charms in addition to garnet.

Why dragonflies?

Because dragonflies represent change. Every time you look in the mirror, the jewelry reminds you of your good intentions :).

Handmade earrings with birthstone garnet and dragonflies

A special gift for the new year

Do you want to give someone a heart under the belt? wish someone the best for the new year with lots of strength and energy? Then a jewel with birthstone garnet is a good idea anyway.


1. What is a special gift for the New Year?

A jewel with birthstone garnet represents strength and energy. This makes a jewel with garnet ideally suited to give as a gift to encourage someone, to wish the best or to help someone make her good intentions come true.

2. How do I make sure my good intentions come true?

Provide a symbol that is often in the picture. A symbol that reminds you of your good intentions. For example, a piece of jewelry with a dragonfly. Dragonflies represent change. Every time you look in the mirror, the jewelry reminds you of your good intentions!

January 08, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer

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