Willeke Alberti earrings

Willeke Alberti in the media

Willeke Alberti has been in the media a lot lately. She says goodbye to the general public and will only perform in nursing homes. In addition, she will also answer when colleagues invite her for guest appearances.

Shine like Willeke with the long pearl earrings

If you look for a photo of Willeke on the internet, you can't ignore it. In almost every photo you see Willeke with those beautiful long earrings with a grille baroque pearl on it. These long earrings give her already radiant appearance that little bit extra.

Willeke Alberti earrings with a baroque pearl

Willeke Alberti earrings

Does Willeke really always wear exactly the same earrings? No, not that. But what is clear: the long earrings with white baroque pearl are her favorite. In addition to these long earrings with white pearl, she has also been seen with the same model with an eggplant colored pearl and this model with a slightly cooler oval shape white pearl.

What length earrings does Willeke Alberti wear?

Willeke's earrings seem particularly long. Longer than an average length of 7 cm, which is common in the Jewels with Flair webshop. Most people find a length of 7 cm a good length. How long the earrings ultimately look depends on a number of factors:

  • the length of your neck
  • the length of your hair

Willeke has a fairly short neck and her beautiful hairstyle ends above the baroque pearls of the earrings. As a result, the earrings may look longer than they actually are. Of course I don't know exactly what height Willeke wears, but I suspect a length of approx. 9 cm.

Willeke Alberti earrings: long earrings

Buy Willeke Alberti earrings at Jewels with Flair

At Jewels with Flair you will find Willeke Alberti earrings with beautiful baroque pearls. Each pearl is unique in shape and they differ in color. You can determine the length of these baroque pearl earrings yourself: do you go for 7 cm or do you prefer extra long and do you want the Willeke Alberti earrings at 9 cm?


1. Where can I buy Willeke Alberti earrings?

At Jewels with Flair you will find earrings like Willeke Alberti wears with whimsical baroque pearls. Choose the desired length of 7 or 9 cm.

2. Does Willeke Alberti wear silver or gold earrings?

On the photos that have appeared in the media, it seems that Willeke Alberti prefers gold-colored earrings.

December 15, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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