Birthstone jewelry February

February's birthstone: amethyst

Born in February? Then the birthstone that belongs to your birth month is gemstone amethyst. Amethyst is available from lilac to dark purple. If purple amethyst is heated, a beautiful bright green color is created. Then the stone is called prasiolite, but the stone is often referred to as 'green amethyst' because the green amethyst is made of purple amethyst.

Birthstone jewelry amethyst February

Operation gemstone amethyst in birthstone jewelry

Amethyst has many symbolic characteristics such as inner peace, relaxation and a protective & purifying effect. The stone is therefore gladly worn if you want to leave bad habits behind and make new choices.

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1. Can amethyst be green?

When amethyst is heated, a bright green color is created. The stone is actually called prasiolite, but because it is made of amethyst you often see the name 'green amethyst'.

2. What Is The Birthstone Of The Month Of February?

February's birthstone is amethyst.

February 05, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer

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