What are bohemian earrings?

Bohemian earrings, bo-ho earrings. huh?

If you are looking for earrings, you will soon see many different types of earrings. It is of course useful that all earrings fall under a certain category, but sometimes it can also be quite confusing.

Definition bohemian

bohemian . What does this actually stand for? On Wikipedia I find the following:

Behomian is the French word for an inhabitant of Bohemia, which is located in the western part of the Czech Republic. The Roma present in France claimed to be from Bohemia. Therefore, "bohemian" became a name for the Roma in France.

And what defines this Bohemia?

In the 19th century, Bohemia separated itself from the traditional attitude to life and led a loose and free life. For example, a life with marriage and other conventions was not part of this lifestyle. They retreated to the fringes of society where they lived together with like-minded people.

Bo-ho style

Now that you know where the term Bohemian comes from, it won't surprise you that the bo-ho style is a free choice of clothing that is usually accompanied by lots of prints, color and... lots of jewelry. I will list a number of characteristics of the bo-ho style below:

  • colorful
  • prints
  • flowers
  • ruffles
  • side

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Bo-ho style in earrings

You also see a lot of color in Bohemian jewelry. Ornate ornaments, feathers, beads, etc. In the shop you will find many Bohemian earrings with ornaments with colorful gemstones, such as the 'Bohemian earrings with fuchsia pink chalcedony' .

Combining Bo style jewelry: you can make it as colorful as you want!

The Bo-ho style in jewelry is characterized by the countless bracelets and necklaces that are combined in all kinds of colors. For one you like it, for the other just a little too much. Likewise for me. I'm already chaotic and if I also radiate chaos, I don't know if I'll arrive at that festival ;).

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Bohemian style x Jewels with Flair

I myself like to have the color of my earrings reflected in the matching jewelry.

So: are you going for bright pink earrings?

Then also a bright pink bracelet and a bright pink necklace. But... I do combine that bracelet and necklace with other matching bracelets from, for example, the same color range or with a contrasting color and a neutral color. More about that soon in a new styling tip.

Bohemian earrings from Jewels with Flair

At Jewels with Flair you will find different types of Bohemian earrings. Below you will find a number of examples of Bohemian earrings:

  1. Bohemian earrings with gemstone
  2. Bohemian earrings with Swarovski
  3. Bohemian earrings in silver
  4. Bohemian earrings in gold

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1. What are bohemian earrings?

Bohemian earrings are part of a look that fits a free lifestyle (which originated with the Bohemia). Bohemian earrings are therefore characterized by colorful & striking designs with many details and decorations.

2. How do I combine bo-ho style jewelry?

Actually, anything is possible. It's a free choice and nothing is too crazy. Do you want 20 bracelets on your wrist? 10 chains on? You can make it as colorful as you want and let go of all the rules :).

November 07, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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