November birthstone: citrine

Citrine: a warming stone

Do you already know citrine? This sunny stone really makes me happy and that's not surprising!
The birthstone of November is citrine . In the often somewhat dark month of November, this stone brings light to the darkness. It won't surprise you, but the name citrine comes from the French citron, so lemon-colored! This cheerful yellow stone radiates towards you and is known for bringing optimism, cheerfulness and self-confidence.

Handmade earrings with November's birthstone: citrine

Birthday in November? Give a handmade piece of jewelry with birthstone citrine!

A nice gift for someone who has a birthday in November, but I also like to wear jewelry with citrine in the spring and on summer days. Are you also looking for jewelry with the birthstone citrine? Then take a look here at which unique and handmade jewelry we have included in the collection for you.

View jewelry with birthstone citrine

October 24, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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