Original Christmas present? Give a handmade piece of jewelry with symbolic meaning!

Are you looking for a unique and handmade Christmas gift for your wife, mother, daughter or girlfriend? Here you will find a number of original gift ideas for Christmas. Not just a simple piece of jewelry. No, a piece of jewelry with a story, a unique and handmade piece of jewelry that makes your girlfriend shine with Flair.

Original Christmas gift tip 1: jewelry with a story

With a beautiful piece of jewelry you make every woman happy. But how about a piece of jewelery with a symbolic meaning ? Gemstones all have their own powers. Not scientifically proven, but many people say they do benefit from it. And... whether it's true or not, the symbolic value is definitely worth it. Consider, for example, the gemstone rose quartz: a beautiful pink gemstone that symbolizes love. Or how about a piece of jewelry made with lapis lazuli. This beautiful deep blue stone stands for friendship, among other things.

Handmade garnet bracelet: a special Christmas gift for a woman

Special Christmas gift tip 2: a handmade piece of jewelry with birthstone

Each month has its own birthstone. How nice is it to give your girlfriend a unique and handmade gift with her birthstone. At Jewels with Flair I keep the birthstone calendar per month. Do you know which birthstone belongs to which month? Here you will find everything about handmade jewelry made with birthstones . Of course, all jewelry is packed in a luxurious gift box. Your ordered handmade jewelry can therefore be placed under the Christmas tree in no time. Or... you could also hang it in the Christmas tree , because there is a cord on the packaging ;).

Special Christmas gift for a woman: a bracelet with her birthstone

Beautiful Christmas gift tip 3: mother daughter jewelry

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend together with her daughter? Nothing is more fun than a necklace for both mother and daughter. The rose quartz necklaces for mother and daughter are popular . Logical: rose quartz symbolizes love, as I wrote above.

Mother daughter jewelry, a special gift for Sinterklaas, Christmas and Mother's Day


1. What are original Christmas gifts for a woman?

A handmade piece of jewelery with symbolic meaning is always a good idea. For example, a piece of jewelry with lapis lazuli represents friendship. A handmade piece of jewelery with rose quartz for love. Find your stone and give an unforgettable gift to your girlfriend, mother, sister or wife :).

2. How do I know which birthstone belongs to which month?

Then take a look at the birthstone jewelry page. All months with birthstones are conveniently grouped together there. You will also find a brief description of the symbolic meaning of these birthstone jewellery.

October 24, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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