3 tips for beautifully sparkling silver jewelry

This way you can clean your silver nicely again

Handmade silver jewelry is beautiful and durable. However, this silver jewelry can also discolour. At least... It doesn't really discolour; a black oxidation layer is formed on the silver.

Some people think this is wonderful: you can clearly see that it is a natural process of real silver. Sometimes silver jewelry is even oxidized on purpose and is seen as the beauty of sterling silver.

Clean handmade silver jewelry beautifully again

Are you not so fond of black jewelry and do you want to make it shine again? Then read my 3 tips below:

Three tips for cleaning silver

  1. Use a silver polishing cloth. That is perhaps the most well-known way, but certainly a way that works :). Buy a good cloth from the jeweler.
    Clean handmade silver jewelry beautifully again
  2. Can't get the silver off properly? A soda bath can help. Read my blog about cleaning silver jewelry in a soda bath .
  3. Is your piece of jewelery made with very fine silver such as silver wire? Then it is difficult to clean it properly. Therefore, try to slow down the oxidation process. Store your silver jewelery in a plastic zipper bag.


1. Can real silver jewelry discolour?

Silver jewelry can turn black. People sometimes wrongly think that the jewelery has permanently discolored, but that is not the case: you can simply polish off the black layer on the silver.

2. How do I clean real silver jewelry again?

It is best to use a (good) silver polishing cloth. If that doesn't work, a soda bath might help. Be careful with material other than silver, such as gemstones or pearls ; they can't stand the soda.

October 13, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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