Which earrings suit your face?

Of course choosing earrings is a matter of taste. If you don't like red, then you will not easily go for a pair of ruby ​​red earrings and if you prefer not to stand out too much, then you probably do not opt ​​for long Máxima earrings . Yet taste is not the only thing that has to play a role in your choice of earrings.

Shape of your head

Did you know that the shape of your head is actually very decisive in choosing the perfect pair of earrings for you? Actually, the rule of thumb is that you always choose a pair of earrings with a shape that contrasts with the shape of your face.

View short earrings with Swarovski drops

Short earrings

A round, oval or narrow face?

For example, if you have a long face, you will probably find round earrings to suit you best. Conversely, it is also the case with a somewhat rounder face. Long Máxima earrings suit you better than the rounder earrings. Are you just that lucky bird with an oval shape? Then you can actually choose from the entire range, everything suits you!

Which earrings suit my face?

How do you know what shape your head is?

Of course there are plenty of examples on the internet, but there is a simple trick. Stand in front of the mirror and trace the line of your head with a lipstick. There is a good chance that you will soon see in which category you fall.

What earrings do you choose?

Have you already decided what you want and are you looking for a specific color of earrings? In the webshop you will find a handy color filter, so that you can immediately make a selection in your favorite color.

Below you will find earrings selected for round, narrow and oval shapes of your face.

Earrings that suit a round face

Jewelry with gemstone citrine. Citrine has the following effect: warming, wisdom, optimism.

    Earrings for a narrow face:

    jewelry sets Stud earrings with pearl thread

    Earrings that suit an oval face:

    Earrings with ornaments Jewelry set with gemstone labradorite

    See more long earrings

    Then you can actually have everything! 🙂

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