What are you doing for the holidays?

Christmas dinner in style

Whether we can celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve this year with a larger group or just in the intimacy of my own family, it won't change the outfit I'll wear.

I love beautiful and festive clothes and therefore really look forward to occasions when I can dress up in a festive way. Of course I unpack extra for Christmas!

My closet is a cheerful collection of mostly skirts and Christmas is of course an excellent opportunity to let loose. I often opt for loose-fitting ones with a tight-fitting shirt or cardigan or the other way around: a tight skirt and a broderie blouse on top.

Christmas clothing advice

Match with matching jewelry

We often go for a breath of fresh air during the day and I combine my outfit with cool boots. In the evening at the table I go a bit more chic. Of course, a matching jewelry set should not be missing. I always take my outfit as a starting point and choose the jewelry that matches well with it. If I wear a somewhat darker whole, I like to unpack with something contrasting, such as these fuchsia pink earrings or this bling bling set . If I'm more in the mood for a colorful outfit, I try to find jewelery in the same shade or a more neutral set, so that I don't appear like a Christmas tree at the table.

Do you already know what you will wear for the holidays? And do you choose your jewelry first or rather your outfit first?

Happy Holidays!

December 14, 2021 — Erlinde Kramer

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