Good intentions, change and dragonflies

On to 2022! Do you have good intentions?

The dragonfly symbolizes change. Now I know... suddenly doing things completely differently isn't going to work 🤪. But a small step towards your goal is possible.

This period always makes me think a little. Thinking about the past year, what the beautiful and less fun moments were. Inevitably, this always leads to things that you would like to see differently. Are these things that you can change yourself, that come from within yourself, or are they external factors that you actually have no influence on and that you can only look at differently yourself?

It is also a time to plan. It always seems like December 31 is some kind of magical border that we cross over to a new year in which everything can be different. Last year we all thought that we could put the pandemic behind us en masse and there could be a fresh start. Little we knew… Still, I think it helps to use this invisible transition to allow yourself to come up with fresh ideas and think about everything you would like to achieve in such an unwritten year.

Dragonflies symbolize change

I strongly believe that you can achieve anything if you really want to. Change starts with you! I was inspired by this thought and made jewelry with dragonflies . Did you know that the dragonfly represents transformation? When you see a dragonfly, transformation is in the air. The dragonfly also represents lightness and I think that's something we could all use a little for 2022. I wish you a fantastic year!

December 28, 2021 — Erlinde Kramer

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