Shine with Flair during the holidays!

At Christmas you naturally think of decorating your house and the Christmas tree, but don't you forget yourself?

Of course you can also sit at the Christmas table with flair and shine with a beautiful outfit and of course with beautiful jewelry!

The shops are currently full of glittery sweaters, blingbling sweaters and literally beautiful skirts, but how do you combine this with your jewelry, without you shining out the Christmas tree?

Minimalist earrings

The solution can be found in one of the trends of the moment: the minimalist earrings . Small, but stylish is the motto here, less is more.

minimalist earrings

Small doesn't mean it has less flair, certainly not! By using beautiful stones, such as chalcedony , lapis lazuli or
Amethyst in a silver or gold setting with a subtle shine, the small earring completes your party outfit.

Another advantage of the somewhat smaller earring is that the earring combines perfectly with a beautiful necklace, without being over the top.

Are you inspired and looking for your jewel from Swarovski, agate or for example topaz ? I'd love to help you in the webshop!

  • Earrings retro look birthstone January
    Retro look earrings garnet
    39.95 44.95
  • Earrings emerald green
    Minimalist earrings emerald green
    27.95 29.95
  • Minimalist earrings emerald and peridot
    Minimalist earrings emerald and peridot
    37.95 42.95
  • Earrings rose quartz drops
    Earrings rose quartz briolettes
    39.95 44.95
  • Minimalist earrings herkimer diamond and freshwater pearls
    Minimalist earrings herkimer diamond and freshwater pearls
    37.95 42.95
  • threader earrings with citrine cubes
    Threader earrings citrine cubes
    44.95 47.95
  • Threader earrings moonstone tubes
    Threader earrings moonstone tubes
  • Threader earrings lapis lazuli tubes xs
    Threader earrings lapis lazuli tubes
  • handmade earrings rose quartz tubes
    Earrings rose quartz tubes xs
    27.95 34.95
December 11, 2021 — Erlinde Kramer

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