Bye Sinterklaas, hello Santa :)

Bye Sinterklaas, hello Christmas!

Now that Sinterklaas has left the country again and has left behind a trace of peace with my children, I can finally concentrate on what I really enjoy: Christmas. I also really enjoy the Sinterklaas time, with nice memories of the past and the excited tension that always hung around it, but this time also brings so much hustle and bustle that I can now enjoy it a little less than before. So time to decorate the tree and start looking for Christmas presents. Also looking for a Christmas present for your wife, girlfriend or... Then check out our jewelry sets .

The gingerbread crumbs have been swept up, the gift wrap has been thrown away and the Sinterklaas list on Spotify can make way for 'the Christmas Station' again. Time to get the Christmas decorations out of the attic again and start thinking about the biggest challenge of Christmas: Christmas dinner!

Now I don't even find it very difficult to think of what to put on the table. My family is easy when it comes to food (as long as there's good wine on the table ;), but I especially want to bring a real Christmas atmosphere into the house, with a beautifully decorated Christmas table as a radiant eye-catcher.

So it's time to get inspired on the big web. With two young children at the table, I saw some possibilities when I saw artfully decorated Christmas tables with lots of crystal passing by on Pinterest. Chances are I'll be vacuuming in my Christmas outfit during dinner.

Still, I found all those ideas with branches on the table with the crockery and glassware in between very attractive. Fortunately, nowadays you can find those tablecloths everywhere on the internet with which you can easily place a kind of rack on your table that you can completely decorate in your style. That is it! Away from grabbing children's hands, enough space on the table for bowls full of goodies and yet a lot of atmosphere.

How am I going to decorate mine? I think I'll make it completely in style with fir branches with lights with beautiful Christmas balls in between. It won't surprise you... bling bling and crystal can't be missed! Also some bling bling in my ears and a cool necklace is part of that. Because that table naturally includes a radiant woman with Flair 😉 Inspiration? Check out the Christmas Shop .

Looking for inspiration for the decoration of your Christmas table? Here are some fun ideas:

Good luck with your preparation for a beautifully decorated Christmas table!

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December 07, 2021 — Erlinde Kramer

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