X-Mas Countdown with Flair

Countdown to Christmas with Jewels with Flair

Who doesn't know them, the advent calendar that you got in your shoe as a child?! They are often filled with those chocolates that are just not tasty. Nowadays they can be found in all shapes, types and sizes: from Playmobil to beauty and from tea to Lego.

The calendar I can remember best is one where every day there was a different picture behind the box. No present or something delicious, just that picture. For years I have searched for such a calendar, but until today without result. Until I discovered the Gorgels advent calendar this morning. What a super fun idea!

Because the magic of opening a box every day is also great fun for adults, you will also find an advent calendar in the Jewels with Flair shop this month and not just any! Every day you can 'open' a new box with behind it every day a surprising 'present' from me, for you.

You can find the advent calendar for free on the webshop behind Santa Claus. See you there!

December 06, 2021 — Erlinde Kramer

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