Velvety hands in winter? It's possible!

When you're inside, it looks great, but once you're outside it's just really, really cold. Where I was already really in spring mode myself (and with me the new clothing collections), it just turned into a hard winter. In itself I think this weather is fine, nice and dry cold, no smoothness. I'm only blessed with huge chilblains. That is just a bit more intense at these temperatures and I try everything to protect my hands as well as possible. I wear 2 pairs of gloves as standard and really get into an accident. I just don't really get the feeling it makes a difference.

The solution
Now I just read the tip for velvety soft hands: plastic gloves ... lubricate your hands with a good balm and then put on those surgical gloves for 10 minutes. Success guaranteed. I'm curious 🙂

Do you have tips for soft hands?

February 28, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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