I'm looking forward to spring, but I'm still so pale...

When the sun starts to shine, I always resolutely push aside my pile of thick and dark winter clothing. Jump it is! Now I always find it a bit disappointing when I have pulled those fresh colors out of my closet and then look in the mirror. There is not yet a slight spring glow on my cheeks and my hair does not yet have the lighter strands that the sun always gives me as a gift in the summer. In short, I'm looking at a slightly too pale version of myself, which doesn't stand out so well with the bright colors I do feel like.

What goes well with pale skin?

Fortunately, the color mint fits perfectly with both pale and tinted skin. Fashion or not, I always feel good in nice cardigans in this color. Not too sweet and very cheerful. Also a fan of mint ? In the shop you will find many different designs!

And would you rather go for a real tan? Grab a tanning bed or use a nice color cream. I always use BB cream from Garnier. Then it just looks real ;)

Do you have pale skin and which colors do you like best?

February 20, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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