Swarovski earrings

Are you a Swarovski fan like me? Do you wear nothing else and can nothing make you happier than adding a new color of Swaroski stone to your collection? Then I have something for your bucket list.

In Wattens, Austria, you will find the Kristallwelten Wattens. You will find this special world in a hill, in the form of a giant in the landscape. From his mouth the mountain water flows into a small lake, which brings a beautiful crystal cloud with it. Inside you can marvel at the beautiful stones in the five sparkling chambers of wonder…. Of course you will also find everything that Swarovski makes here, from jewelry with Swarovski to the famous crystal figures. Looking out and taking a breather? In the restaurant you can look out over the beautiful gardens and enjoy all the goodies that come out of the kitchen.

Have fun!

February 20, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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