Yellow. Fashion spring 2018?!

Yellow is one of the colors for 2018. Now, just like with grey, you also have 50 shades of yellow. Fortunately, because a fluorescent yellow outfit does not make me very happy. Now that it's still winter and I haven't built up a nice tan yet, I opt for ocher. A nice warm color that combines well with many of my other winter clothes. When the sun really comes through, I'll be ready for those nice and fresh spring colors and some more popping yellow tones will definitely end up in my closet.

Now, if you choose yellow, you have to think a bit about mix & match as far as I'm concerned. I find bright red lips less suitable for myself than, for example, the natural shades I wrote about earlier. Also in terms of jewelry I prefer less bright shades. Ocher yellow matches nicely with black or white. For example, a bracelet with Swarovski elements in soft white or earrings with panther print .
What do you think of these combinations?
February 16, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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