Rain. Nice and refreshing :)

Yes, it's raining! Haha, that sounds pretty crazy. Because I really like the sun much more. But after those sunny days and stifling heat (sorry), I really like it. I don't have air conditioning in my studio yet, I will definitely arrange that before next year!

Anyway, that rain is nice for a while, but what are you going to do? Especially with (grand) children on the floor, a rain-soaked day indoors can last forever. How do you solve this? I'd like to give you some tips:
  • DIY books aren't just fun for the backseat. They are available everywhere and for almost every age group there is something that fits the age.
  • clean up together! huh? I hear you thinking, no child is up for that. Probably not in the beginning, but when you get the old toys out of the stable, interest is often aroused again. Especially if you suggest getting rid of it is my experience 😉
  • enjoy binge watching! binge what??? Yes, binge watching. With the rise of Netflix, this has also become very popular: watching series in one go. Not necessarily with Netflix, the complete series of Friends or DVD will do the trick too
  • Now that we have ended up on the couch: maybe you still have old movies from the past? Super fun to look back together. While you're at it, immediately pull that box of old photo albums from the attic. Nice to go back in time!
  • would you rather be more active? Schedule a baking afternoon. This doesn't have to be an afternoon full of sweet sins. There are also plenty of healthy recipes online. My favorites? Coconut Macaroons, Banana Bread and Nut Bread!

What do you do on a rainy day?

August 10, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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