Gemstone labradorite

Let's talk about labradorite . Labrador who??? So Labradorite . In my collection you will find a lot of jewelry made from this gemstone. This beautiful stone always seems to change color, depending on how the light falls. This is because the so-called cleavage planes contain very small crystals that refract the light. A super nice effect and therefore completely fitting in my collection.

The special color play of labradorite is called labradorisation. To be honest, I thought that this is where the name of this gemstone comes from, but that turns out not to be the case. Labradorite was discovered on the Canadian Labrador Peninsula. A father found stones on the beach that changed color when you turned them. He then named these stones Labradorite , after their location.
Labradorite seems to have a protective effect. That's a nice thought :).
Curious about the beautiful labradorite ? You can find my labradorite designs here .
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August 19, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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