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Jewels with Flair & A Sisters Hope

Last month I was approached by Debbie Werson. She is looking for as many walkers as possible for the walking event of her foundation A Sisters Hope. This foundation was established to raise more money for medical scientific research into breast cancer. After a phone call with Debbie I was completely excited. What a powerful woman she is and what a beautiful & good cause she represents! That is why I would like to help her foundation to recruit more walkers for charity.

Message from Debbie

Dear All,

Twelve years ago I came into contact with the foundation 'A Sisters Hope'. I came into contact with it because that year my sister had had breast cancer and wanted to join the walking event. Some time later I was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

From that moment on we have participated in 'A Sisters Hope' every year and the foundation has already been able to donate more than 5 million euros to various studies in various hospitals!

Now in 2018 we are involved together in the organization of our annual event and I myself had breast cancer a year and a half ago… As a result, it is now clear that breast cancer is hereditary in our family. Because I have a 23 year old daughter, you can imagine that looking away from this problem is not an option! We go on!

Will you help?

Go For Life!

Love, Debbie”

Yvonne (left) & Debbie (right)

Are you walking along?

The walking event is in Bussum on Sunday 7 October. You can register here . There is also plenty to do after the event. You can eat poffertjes, there is a bouncy castle and you can win a handmade piece of jewelry from Jewels with Flair during the lottery.

August 08, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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