Help, my earrings are crooked!

Do your earrings sometimes hang crooked? That the buttons above the pendant 'look down'? This may be the case with, for example, the earrings in the photo above. I have earrings with a button on the ear and below that hangs a Swarovski Elements drop from Swarovski. Nice earrings, but I want the buttons to really 'look' straight ahead. So there is just a very simple solution for that :). Watch the vlog below or read further under the vlog….

Do your earrings tilt?

Do your earrings sometimes not hang nicely straight? Does the 'button' look down? There is a solution for that! Are you watching? And… did you know?

Posted by Jewels with Flair on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How it is?

There are different backs available for your earrings. Backs for normal ear hooks, backs of a precious metal, plastic backs, but there are also backs with a round plate around it. This round plate ensures that your earrings hang straight. Great right?

January 08, 2020 — Erlinde Kramer

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