Apatite, rock crystal and chalcedony. What do these gemstones symbolize?

Gems. I love that. Of course because they look so beautiful and perfect for designing jewelry. In addition, each gemstone symbolizes something. The love, peace, order… This makes the piece of jewelery extra special. Want to know more about gemstones and what they symbolize? This week I highlight apatite, chalcedony and rock crystal .

Apatite stand for independence and ambition. The stone helps with public speaking. Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn can feel stronger with apatite energy.

Earrings sterling silver apatite freshwater pearls

Chalcedony has a soft blue color. This color indicates the strong effect of 'moon power'. Water is connected to emotions and that is why this stone symbolizes stabilizing and calming emotions. In addition, it stimulates receptivity and the ability to listen. Also a fine stone if you need to speak in public.

Earrings retro look chalcedony

Rock crystal
The Indians consider rock crystal to be sacred and wisdom and knowledge are mentioned as important properties. In addition, in gemstone therapy, the stone is used for a lot of physical and psychological complaints.

Earrings rock crystal - You're my angel

*it has never been scientifically proven that the stones actually possess these powers and can help

*source: 'The healing power of crystals' published by the Happinez

January 06, 2020 — Erlinde Kramer

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