Trend 2020. Blue!

Ocher yellow, burgundy red, those are the colors you've seen a lot lately. But what will be the color this spring of 2020?

Blue! The main color this fall is classic blue. In addition, you also see a blue-green tint, think of aquamarine, soft blue and mystical blue that tends to green.

How do you combine that?
Well, I always find it very easy with blue. Who doesn't have jeans in their closet? Or a nice blue blazer or denim dress. You can go for one color blue or a range of blue tones and then a combination of gemstones with Swarovski Elements.

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Popular model
And in addition to the color blue, a set of creole earrings should not be missing :). The creoles are extremely popular in the shop. And of course I have therefore also made a set with chalcedony drops in soft blue. What color blue are you going for?

trend blue

Here you will find all blue jewelry >>

Jewelry you will find above are:

  1. Creole chalcedony
  2. Earrings swarovski drops montana blue
  3. Earrings swarovski drops royal blue
  4. Bracelet blue
  5. Maxima earrings chalcedony
January 20, 2020 — Erlinde Kramer

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