Stylish silver earrings with a playful structure


Stylish silver earrings with a playful structure

These silver earrings give you your own look. The silver earrings all have their own unique shape: forged with a textured hammer for a playful effect in the circles under the studs. In addition, these silver earrings are also wonderfully lightweight. A timeless and unique design!

Silver earrings from the Dutch workshop

These silver earrings are made in Smeedstudio Erlinde. Designed and made by owner and designer Erlinde Kramer: sawing, filing, soldering... everything is covered. View (part of) the making process below:

Silver earrings from Jewels with Flair


Please take into account a longer delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks because these earrings need to be soldered and this requires more labor.

Diameter of silver stud earrings: approx. 10 mm

Circle diameter: 22 mm

Total length: approx. 30 mm

Material : sterling silver

Packaging : packaged as a gift

Delivery time: shipping within 3 working days

Warranty: six months