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This way your jewelry will stay beautiful for a long time!

Maintain and store your jewelry like a pro.

Of course you want to enjoy your jewelry for as long as possible. Whether it concerns silver plated / gold plated jewelry or real silver or real gold on silver . I would like to explain it to you below.

Real silver jewelry oxidizes through the air. This means that your jewelry turns black. You can polish this again with a silver polishing cloth. There are also special dipping baths for sale at the jeweler in which you can dip the jewelry. However, I do not recommend this! Every time the liquid 'bites' off a layer of your jewelry and your jewelry can become dull.

Sometimes you can see a black oxidation layer of the silver appearing through the gold-plated layer. This might polish your light, but beware! If you brush too hard, you will polish off the layer and your jewelry will turn silver.

It is best to store this jewelry in an airtight container, so that you slow down this oxidation process.

Jewelery with a layer of silver or gold on metal can also be tarnished. You can also simply wipe it off with a dry cloth. But don't brush too intensively with this jewelry either. It is of course not the intention that you brush the layer off.

Do not swim, shower, exercise or sleep with this jewelry on. The layer of this jewelry comes off because, for example, the shampoo 'bites' into the layer.

! Your acidity of your skin also plays a role. The lower the pH value, the faster the layer is off. Do you suffer from this quickly? Then these jewelry are unfortunately not for you. Then go for stainless steel or gold-plated sterling silver.

  • Stainless steel jewelry

Stainless steel is stainless steel. Stainless steel is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Stainless steel hardly discolours. That makes this material very suitable if you find real gold too expensive and gold-plated / silver-plated jewelry discolors quickly due to a low PH value.

The color of stainless steel jewelry is slightly different than gold plated / silver plated. Gold-colored stainless steel tends to yellow gold. Silver-colored stainless steel has a vintage look, while silver-plated jewelry looks the same as real silver.

  • Jewelery storage

It is of course very nice to store your earrings on a rack, but if you really want your jewelry to last as long as possible, I do not recommend that. Therefore, store your jewelry in an airtight (plastic) packaging to prevent oxidation. A dark place is also recommended. Jewelry, and in particular gemstones, can discolour considerably due to sunlight.

Written by Erlinde Kramer, jewelry designer Jewels with Flair.

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