sterling silver jewelry

Unique jewelry from Smeedstudio Erlinde

Jewelry made from scratch. The goldsmithing profession is a real craft: sawing, forging, soldering, polishing... everything is covered.


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Unique and handmade jewelry

Are you looking for a truly unique and handmade piece of jewelry? Then take a look at the collection of Smeedstudio Erlinde. The collection of Smeedstudio Erlinde consists of special sterling silver jewellery, designed and made by designer Erlinde Kramer, also designer and owner of jewelery brand Jewels with Flair.

The craft of goldsmithing

Sawing, forging, soldering, filing, polishing: the sterling silver turns into a beautiful and unique handmade piece of jewelry in this process, where each piece is formed with love.

Fine & elegant

Erlinde designs her jewelery herself. Starting points of all designs are elegance and a modern look with Flair. The collection is constantly evolving, so keep an eye on the webshop for the latest designs.