Design jewelry Have your jewelry designed!

Do you have a special occasion and you can't find matching jewelry with your dress?

Do you want a nice jewelry set that is really perfectly matched to your clothing?

Then this design service is really something for you.

Have your jewelry designed!

How this works?

  1. Mail your wishes. Indicate exactly what you are looking for or like. Give examples from the shop of jewelry that you like (please include the relevant links). Think about the colors and materials. Does it have to match something? Then also email a photo of that item of clothing.
  2. After consultation via email, I will get to work for you. I do not charge any design costs for the first 2 hours. I will e-mail a few examples for you to give your feedback on. If I am over the two hours, I will of course indicate this. Then you pay €30 per hour, but usually it works within 2 hours.
  3. After approval, you order the designs in the shop according to the emailed links.


  • no jewelery can be designed in November and December due to the (run-up to) the holidays.
  • jewelry designed especially for you cannot be returned
  • prices of the designed jewelry are comparable to the jewelry from the shop made with the same material
  • depending on how busy the shop is, it can take 2 to 4 weeks before the designs are ready

Don't you also want a beautiful matching piece of jewelry for that special occasion? Mail your wishes below! I look forward to receiving your email.