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Fleur Goudriaan de Sain

Congratulations Fleur!

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Yes! We are counting down to Christmas with a nice offer, a tip and a giveaway every week.

This week you can win an enamel turban from Conscious with food worth € 40.95 for your most beautiful and tastiest turban of all time!

Enamel? What makes that so special?

Enamel is iron fused to siliceous glass at a temperature of 850°C. The fusing makes the surface very smooth, good hardness and non-porous. The material is also scratch and cut resistant and metal oxides are used minimally. This way your turban remains nice and pure in taste.

This way you have a chance to win the enamel turban worth € 40.95

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Conditions of the giveaway
The promotion runs for 1 week, the winner will be announced on Wednesday 12 December.
The winner has 2 weeks to claim their prize
The winner will be announced via Mail with Flair and social media and in this post.

About Eating consciously
Conscious with food, you want to let people experience the pleasure of eating in a sustainable, practical and creative way. In the webshop you will find products that make food storage easier to prevent food waste, educational experiments with food, handy items to take with you on the road, items that you can use to prepare your own food and more! Just what suits you best . For young and old, hip and traditional and for every budget.

December 03, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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