Cleaning sterling silver jewelry with baking soda?!?

Sterling silver is an incredibly beautiful material: it shines beautifully and most people do not get allergic reactions to real silver jewelry . However, there is also one drawback.

What is the disadvantage of real silver?

Silver turns black: this is also called the oxidation of the silver. Jewelry oxidation occurs when it comes into contact with the air, with oxygen.

The solution?

Very simple. Use a silver polishing cloth. In most cases you will get your silver jewelery nice and clean again. However, this is not the solution for every piece of jewelry. For example, if a piece of jewelry has many fine details that you cannot reach with your silver polishing cloth.

Then you can also put your silver jewelery in a bath of warm water with soda, but be careful! Only do this if your piece of jewelery consists of 100% sterling silver. Gemstones, freshwater pearls and other materials cannot stand it.

How do you clean sterling silver jewelry with baking soda?

  1. Take an oven dish or other container.
  2. Put aluminum foil in it.
  3. Add warm water, a scoop of baking soda and place the dish under the extractor hood.
  4. Finally, of course, your jewelry. Let it stand for a few minutes et voila… The black oxidation layer has disappeared from your jewelry.
  5. You then have to polish your jewelry with a (brass) brush. The soda has made your jewelry a bit dull.
  6. Choose a soft brush, so that you do not damage your jewelry with scratches.

You can watch all the steps in a video below:

    gemstone information

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    March 15, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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