Don't lose your earring!

If you just got new earrings, you will lose one in no time. Bales of course.

How do you avoid losing an earring?

  1. Use earring caps : these are plastic or silver backs so that your earrings cannot fall out of your ears.
  2. Match your jewelry to what you are wearing that day: is it an autumn day and are you going out well wrapped up with a hat or scarf? Then don't choose long elegant earrings, but for example stud earrings .
  3. Choose earrings with hooks that can be closed : there are plenty of earrings with a hook that you can close . It is also possible to adjust brackets. So do you see earrings in the shop with open hooks, but do you want those with closed hooks? Leave this wish in the order notes and it will be adjusted.
  4. Always use backs with open brackets if possible: not all earrings are suitable for using backs / earring caps. Simply because some ear hooks are so beautiful that you bend the hooks.
  5. Choose earhooks that you can close with a butterfly pousset. Stud earrings always have a back / earring pousset. Are you sure you're in the right place!

Buy earring/backs

Do you want to stock up on a number of earring caps so that you never miss out? Which can. in the shop you will find 2 types of earring plugs:

  1. standard earring caps / backs
  2. anti-tip caps

The difference between earring tips and anti-tip tips?

The standard caps are for 'regular' earrings that hang well in your ear. The anti-tilt caps are for earrings that have a button on the earlobe and a pendant underneath. Sometimes the ear stud will tilt. You don't want that: the ear studs must continue to 'look' straight ahead. The anti-tilt caps are available in silver-plated and gold-plated metal. I don't have them in sterling silver yet. They are nickel-free, but do have a plastic plate. If you can handle that, a great solution. Not sure if you can handle that? You can try them out for only 2.50.

  • earbud backs
    2.00 2.50


  • Long earrings with gemstone ruby ​​and garnet
    59.95 69.95
  • Long earrings with blue tanzanite, freshwater pearls and chalcedony icicles
    59.95 74.95
  • Long earrings with citrine and baroque pearls
    69.95 79.95
  • Long earrings with freshwater pearls and sunstone
    59.95 69.95
  • Stylish earrings lavender blue
    59.95 69.95
  • Stylish earrings with rose quartz & moonstone
    59.95 69.95
  • Stylish earrings in mint color
    59.95 69.95
  • Special earrings with drops from Swarovski
  • earrings with circles in sterling silver
  • necklace with round circle and structure
  • bangle pearl thread
  • earrings with honey quartz
    42.95 47.95
  • Stylish Maxima earrings lapis lazuli
    49.95 59.95
  • Classic earrings with citrine drops
    59.00 69.00
  • Flower earrings tanzanite
    43.95 47.95
April 01, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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