Fashion colors spring / summer 2022

Colors come into fashion every year. Some colors last for several years or gradually change to a shade lighter or darker. We saw yellow a lot last year and the year before, for example, and it is now becoming lighter in color. Colors that are also in fashion this summer? The highlights are blue, earth tones, orange, bubble gum pink & purple. Below I explain all the colors.


You also saw light blue last year, but now you see clothing in the shops with multiple shades of blue. Cool denim blouses for example.

How do you combine all that blue?

Of course you can perfectly combine blue with a contrasting color such as white, but it is also very hip to combine several shades of blue, also in your accessories. Do you think that's too much? Then go for a light outfit and combine it withblue jewelry, for example. Your jewelry also immediately catches the eye ;).

Soft yellow

You have seen yellow come back in fashion for a number of years. Well, I found bright yellow very heavy, but I think the soft yellow tones that you see now are very beautiful. You can combine these light yellow tones with contrasting blue. Which jewelry matches this?Citrine has a nice soft yellow color. Perfect to combine. The citrine in the range is beautifully facet cut, which gives your outfit that sparkling sparkle.

  • Long earrings with citrine and baroque pearls
    69.95 79.95
  • Classic earrings with citrine drops
    59.00 69.00
  • threader earrings with citrine cubes
    44.95 47.95

Earth tones

Brick red, beige, nude shades. You see it in prints, but also, for example, a plain blazer or a complete suit. Below, a light beige coat is paired with poppy jasper jewellery . It picks up the color of the jacket, making it complete.

  • Long earrings with gemstone ruby ​​and garnet
    59.95 69.95
  • Earrings retro look birthstone January
    39.95 44.95
  • special bracelet with garnet, birthstone jewelry January
    34.95 37.95


This color is new. When I think of orange, I quickly think of King's Day. Always handy to hang in your closet. In the shop you will find orange stainless steel earrings. Ideal, because those earrings stay good and do not discolour. You can enjoy that every King's Day, European Championship or World Cup!

  • earrings with orange pendant, King's Day earrings

Bubble gum pink & purple

I'm always a fan of pink . Bright pink, light pink, bubble gum pink, come on! Below is a styling tip with various jewelry to complete your outfit.

  • Stylish earrings with rose quartz & moonstone
    59.95 69.95
  • Earrings rose quartz drops
    39.95 44.95
  • Maxima earrings with rose quartz drops
    42.95 46.95

gemstone information

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March 31, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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