How can you tell freshwater pearls are real?

Freshwater pearls are beautiful natural products that are often used in jewellery. Jewelery with pearls is timeless and gives you a chic look. If you wear pearls, you naturally want to know for sure that they are real. That is why I have formulated 3 tips below to help you distinguish a real pearl from an imitation pearl.

My 3 tips for judging pearls for authenticity:

  1. Take a good look at the pearls : real freshwater pearls are never all the same. They will differ slightly in shape, gloss and color. Do you have pearls that look very similar? Then, for example, you bought a very expensive set from the jeweler and received a certificate with it. Isn't that the case? Then you are dealing with imitation pearls.
  2. See and feel the structure of the pearls : pearls are quite rough. Imitation pearls are smooth. You can feel this with your fingers, but also with your teeth.
  3. Feel the weight : glass pearls are a bit heavier than real freshwater pearls. Plastic pearls, on the other hand, are somewhat lighter than real freshwater pearls.

Jewelery with imitation pearls in the shop

In the shop are some jewelry made with imitation pearls. Why? Because sometimes it is just beautiful to wear a perfectly round pair and real freshwater pearls with the same shape are very expensive.

Do the test!

In the shop you will mainly find jewelry with real freshwater pearls and some with Swarovski pearls or glass pearls. Can you discover which jewelry is made with imitation pearls? You will find the answer in the product description.

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March 21, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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