How do I measure my bracelet size?

What your ideal bracelet size is depends of course on your wrist size, but also on the type of bracelet you are going to wear and your personal preference.

Measuring your wrist size

To start with, it is useful to know what your wrist size is. You measure this by placing a piece of string tightly around your wrist and cutting it off until you are 'round'. Then measure the string.

Wrist size versus bracelet size

Now you know your wrist size. But watch out! This is not your bracelet size. To keep it simple, I do use wrist sizes in the shop. So if your wrist size is 16 cm, I will make sure you get a bracelet that fits a wrist of 16 cm. Because there is usually an extension chain on the bracelet, you can always wear the bracelet a little looser if desired. Because not everyone likes to wear a bracelet tight on the wrist. That is your personal preference.

Ideal size per type of bracelet

  • If you go for a bracelet with an application such as one or two stones in the middle, it is wise that the bracelet can be put on the wrist tightly. Why? Otherwise, the stone will turn downwards and the beautiful stone will not be visible. Shame!
    Bracelet with stone
    • Are you going for a bangle bracelet ? Then the bracelet should also be worn fairly tight on the wrist. A very loose bangle will not stay in place. So even then it is most convenient for me to know your wrist size, because I only make the bracelet after you have ordered it
      bangle bracelet with structure in sterling silver
    • In my shop you will also find some charm bracelets and bracelet with several beads distributed over the entire length of the bracelet. You can wear these kinds of bracelets a bit wider. Personally, I think that's just a bit nicer than tight around the wrist. The charms may 'dangle' a bit. With these types of bracelets, the following really applies: what do you like to wear?
      Charm bracelet with shells
    • Tip: measure the length of your favorite bracelet

    If you have a bracelet at home and it is comfortable to wear, measure it on Measure the bracelet excluding any extension chain, otherwise you will get a different size. Do you have really special wishes with regard to your bracelet as described here? Specify your preference in the order notes (comments field when completing your order) and I will adjust it for you.

    April 05, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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