Help, my jewelry discolors very quickly!

The luxurious look of real gold

Gold Plated Jewelry . They are priced a lot nicer than real gold jewelry. And if you don't have allergies, perfect, you would think. However? Yes, usually it is. They look the same and have the same warm and chic look as real gold. However, it is possible that your gold-plated jewelery discolours very quickly. How is that possible? Read on soon.

A layer of gold
Gold plated jewelry all have a layer of gold. This explanation actually says a lot. A LAYER over a metal. That layer wears off at some point. Of course you don't have that with real gold jewelry, because there is no layer of gold over it.

There is a big difference between gilded metal and gilded silver . Gold-plated metal is cheaper and has a thinner layer. You will find gold-plated sterling silver with 18 or 24 carat gold. This remains beautiful for a very long time, even if you have a low pH value.

How do you ensure that your gold-plated jewelery stays beautiful for as long as possible?
Of course you put your gold-plated jewelry neatly in a jewelry box and not in a humid bathroom. You take off your gold-plated jewelry when you go to sleep or when you take a shower or exercise.

Bad luck
Depending on your acidity of your skin, a layer of gold will come off very quickly or not at all. How is that possible? The more acidic, the faster the layer will be 'affected' and the faster the material under the layer will become visible. This is usually only the case with gold-plated metal. This can be visible after wearing it a few times. Do you want to play it safe? Then go for gold-plated sterling silver .

What is your acidity?
You do not know. Of course you can test it out. Stud earrings with Swarovski Elements can be found from just 7.95. Well worth the risk to see if it works. Is the layer already wearing off after 2 to 4 wears? Then it goes pretty fast and you can wonder whether you should rather go for gold-plated sterling silver jewelry.


Do you think real gold is too expensive? Then go for gold-plated sterling silver or stainless steel . In the shop you will find various necklaces, bracelets and anklets made in stainless steel. It hardly discolors. Just be careful with chlorine. Stainless steel is not good for that.

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April 12, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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