Easter. Hunt for eggs at Jewels with Flair.

What to do at Easter?
Of course a nice breakfast, outside and preferably on a terrace in the sun. But, the child in me also really wants to find passion eggs :). Fortunately, I can also do that with my two children aged 2 and 4. But in addition to this fun activity, I also really enjoy setting up a search in my shop :). Are you in?
You can find Easter eggs online this year 🙂
How does it work? I have hidden Easter eggs on the site. These eggs are not made of chocolate this time, but represent a prize. For example, shop credit, a nice discount or a pair of free earrings.
How does it work?
Participate? That's easy. The eggs have been hidden from Good Friday and now it's up to you! Do you find a win-egg and are you the first to find the egg? Be the first to let us know under this Facebook post (so NOT under this blog). You win the prize! This also applies to a shop credit egg. Can you find a discount egg? You can use the discount code directly in the shop. Good luck and have fun!

1. You cannot win more than 1 win – egg. This way others also get a chance.
2. Do you find a win-egg? You will only win the prize if you are the first to report this on Facebook, UNDER THIS POST . Mail me for the price with your address details: info@jewelswithflair.nl
3. Discount codes are valid up to and including Easter Monday and not valid in combination with other discount codes or on discounted jewelery

April 14, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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