Birthstone of the month of May: emerald

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The ancient Romans already knew it and Cleopatra also understood the power of the birthstone of the month of May: emerald.

First of all, emerald is of course a beautiful crystal. The deep green color and the transparent character of the literally make you shine. It is not surprising that emerald has a positive effect on charisma. This stone gives you flair! At Jewels with Flair we like to use this stone in our designs.

Jewelry set with emerald, the birthstone of the month of May Bracelet with gemstone emerald, birthstone jewelry.

Jewels with Flair stands for jewelery that gives you flair and makes it shine. We believe that wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry gives you confidence and makes you shine. This certainly applies to emerald. In addition to having a positive effect on charisma, emerald is also known to boost your self-confidence. So win-win!

Everyone benefits from wearing such a beautiful piece of jewelry, but archers, Taurus and Libra have just a little more benefit from the power of this stone.

Source: Crystals – Happinez

May 09, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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